CheaterReader Support

CheaterReader is a digitally enhanced version of your basic reading glasses. By taking advantage of the camera and light in your mobile device CheaterReader can magnify, illuminate and enhance any fine print in any lighting condition.

Settings Panel

You can adjust the settings for CheaterReader by clicking on the icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. This will open up the settings panel. Once in the settings panel, this same icon will exit settings while the settings panel is open.

Light Intensity

If your device is equipped with a built-in light, this app has a setting that lets you set the intensity of that light. Some objects have a shiny surface, with the Dimmable Light option you can increase or decrease the light intensity until you get the desired effect.

Lens Effect

The Lens Effect is a fish-eye effect which can aid your focus on a particular part of the lens. This can be helpful if there is a lot in the focal area of the lens.

Image Contrast

The Image Contrast setting enhances text and numbers. It’s Perfect for faded print, and small text. This setting works by rounding lighter colors to white and darker colors to black. The effectiveness of this setting is enhanced by adding more light by ambient light or by increasing the Light Intensity setting.


CheaterReader has a Reset button which will quickly reset to a general all purpose default setting.

Auto Save

With the Auto Save feature, CheaterReader remembers all of your settings for you automatically.

Built-in Tip Calculator

The Built-in Tip Calculator is designed with a simple one-touch user interface.

Auto Numbers Keypad

Tap the Tip$$$ button to open the Numbers Keypad. This opens up an input entry field and a tip slider for setting the subtotal and the tip level.

The numbers keypad has large easy to read buttons for ease of use. The keypad also has been streamlined to only allow input of numbers and a decimal point so you can’t accidentally enter a comma instead of a decimal point.

Set desired Tip Level

Slide the Tip Level slider from 1%-50%. CheaterReader will automatically set focus back on the numbers keypad for you so there's no fidgeting with setting focus back on the Subtotal input field.

Calculates Tip, and Total

Once you've entered the Subtotal, the built-in Tip Calculator will display Subtotal, Tip, and Total amounts.

Round to the nearest Dollar

With Cheater Reader's Built-in Tip Calculator you have the option to round the tip amount to the nearest dollar.